Risk Reduction Programme

There are currently over 4 million people in the UK with reduced capacity; the Alzheimer’s society predicts that 60% of those living with dementia are currently undiagnosed. This has resulted in the financial industry being faced with an ever increasing amount of risk and exposure to potentially hundreds of millions of pounds worth of litigation.

Capacity Risk Profile

Our expertise in the field of mental capacity has enabled us to identify the key areas that financial institutions need to address in order to reduce their exposure to risk by up to 90%. By supporting institutions to address these areas and identify specific action plans, we have been able to create bespoke strategies to reduce their exposure to risk by tens of millions of pounds.

The first stage in our process is the production of your Capacity Risk Profile. To build this, we will spend up to 2 days looking at your products, procedures, policies and documentation. We will identify the extent of your capacity risk in the key areas and document these. The Capacity Risk Profile is yours to keep and becomes your benchmark document for implementation of mitigating actions, with or without our further support.

Capacity Risk Reduction Plan

If you choose to continue with our support based on the Capacity Risk Profile, we create a Capacity Risk Reduction Plan to work with you and your organisation to implement the identified strategies and action plan and to achieve the identified goals. The Capacity Risk Reduction Plan contains timelines and key deliverables and is fully costed. It is a bespoke document that addresses the capacity risk issues in your business identified in the Capacity Risk Profile.