Assessments for Corporations

As a large organisation there will be times when a face to face assessment of mental capacity is essential in order to reduce your expose to litigation and to ensure that your client is fully aware of what they are undertaking.

At TSF Consultants we are the UK’s leading provider of mental capacity assessments to the legal and financial sectors. Our fast turn-around times (as compared with 4 months for the GP) combined with our level of expertise and the quality of reports means that we are unrivalled in this field.

All of our assessors are health or social care professionals who are experts at assessing mental capacity within their own clinical areas. We also work closely with counsel to ensure that we fully understand not only the correct legal tests but also how to apply them in practice.

We are recognised by the Court of Protection and the Office of the Public Guardian and our clients include firms such as Slater and Gordon, Irwin Mitchell, Aviva and The Brain Injury group.

Below is a list of the most common types of assessment that we are asked to conduct – although the list is by no means exhaustive. 

  ·         Court of Protection

 ·         Testamentary Capacity

 ·         Capacity to litigate

 ·         Contentious Probate

 ·         Lasting Powers of Attorney (including certificate provision)

 ·         Challenges to assessments conducted by other professionals

 ·         Capacity to manage property and financial affairs

 ·         Capacity to make health and welfare decisions

 ·         Capacity to make a gift