What we do

As well as being the UK’s leading provider of mental capacity assessments, TSF Consultants is able to offer two other key services. The first is training. Whatever you need, we have a package for you. If we don’t have something that meets your specific requirements, we’ll create it for you. The second is a consultancy service.  Using our knowledge and expertise we work closely with different types of organisations to enable them to provide better outcomes for individuals with reduced capacity and thereby also reduce their own expose to risk.

Our 3 main client groups are Private Individuals, Professionals and Corporations (including charities).

Private Individuals

For private individuals we offer an assessment service that is without comparison. Our level of expertise combined with our fast turn-around times and national network make us the UK’s leading provider of mental capacity assessments. Click here for more details on the types of assessments we offer.


As we as providing an outstanding assessment service we also offer a number of different training packages for professionals. Whether it is a one-off online course or a bespoke training package to meet a more comprehensive package we can deliver it. All of our training packages are written and designed by experts so you can be sure of the highest level of training. All our courses are also CPD approved. Click here for more details about the different types of training available.


As a big organisation you will constantly be coming into contact with individual’s that have reduced capacity. It is essential that when you do you have the systems to provide the individual with the best outcomes whilst at the same time reducing your exposure to risk.

Using our expertise and knowledge we work closely with organisations to help them achieve this. Click here to find out how we can identify your Capacity Risk Profile and design a Capacity Risk Reduction Plan that is unique to your company.