Mental Capacity Quiz

Test your knowledge and understanding of how to assess Mental Capacity.

Which of the following is NOT a criteria of the MCA 2 stage test

 Ability to understand relevant information

 Acting in a person's best interest

 Retention of information 

 Weighing up relevant information

Which of these is the correct test(s) for Capacity to Litigate

 Felgate v Parker

 Banks v Goodfellow

 Dunhill v Burgin

 Smith v Weston

Whose responsibility is it to establish the 'Threshold of Understanding'?

 The Court of Protection

 A Judge

 The Assessor

 The Instructing party

Which of the following is NOT a principle of the Mental Capacity Act?

 Acting in a person's best interests

 The assumption of capacity

 Always act in a less restrictive manner

 Always involve the next of kin

Which of the following are NOT covered by the Mental Capacity Act (2005)

 Consent to treatment

 Lasting Powers of Attorney


 Consent to Marriage

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