Common mistakes when assessing capacity No.4

Common mistakes when assessing capacity No.4

The MCA gives us a very clear, clinical tool for assessing capacity, the 2-stage test. During my time as an assessor and trainer of the MCA I have come across countless examples where people have disregarded the clinical aspect and made a judgement of capacity based on whether they believed the outcome to be “Good” or “Bad”

Emotional judgement

It can be very difficult not to get “caught up” in the apparent situation as it presents itself and then believe that a specific outcome – regardless of whether it is indicated by the 2-stage test- is the “right” one. As assessors we are not asked to make moral judgements but to make a clinical judgement based on the outcome of the 2-stage test. Remember there are always 3 sides to a story; his side, her side and the real side. Any decision made on the premise it is “good” may well be based on half information.

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